Monday, October 15, 2007

I think I might blow away

Today Keith and I woke up to lots of rain. Keith decided we should leave early since we have to be on the road with traffic and It's Raining REALLY hard. Smart husband! Well on my way to work the rain stopped and all is well. I walked out of the building to my portable and there was a little boy looking up into the sky so I looked up, too. It was crazy. I've never seen clouds going by SO fast. It was very windy and starting to rain. I called Keith and told him I was scared because I was in a portable and didn't want to get blown away like one of those doublewides in a tornado. Keith nicely reminded me it was not tornado season and there had not been any tornado warnings on the radio. The poor kids came through the rain to my class and we talked about being drug free. Yessiree.

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