Monday, September 01, 2008

I love him.

Keith is so smart. He taught himself Logic and Latin this summer and to prove he knows it, he passed both tests.
This week was really good week starting back school. But after school when I got home, it felt like a train ran over me. I was so tired and Keith probably was too. He started teaching Intro. to Philosophy this week, too.
Keith has fixed dinner three nights last week. Wow. And it was yummy.
To celebrate labor day Keith took me out to Don Pablo's and we split the chicken fajitas. He made me a dessert tortilla with sugar and butter - yum.
I made him banana pudding today so we're going to have that tonight for dessert and to finish our three day weekend. Extra yum


Hope (Fussell) Gallant said...

Brackin! How are you?! I miss you! I just happened along your blog - I'm so excited! Where are you now? What are you doing? Check out our blog sometime too... Nothing fancy, just random thoughts... I miss you, girl! I hope all is well!

Hope said... - it might help if I gave that to you...