Monday, March 09, 2009

And a kiss on the cheek...

This week to my excitement I have a class and a half. That means sometimes 30+ kids. Whew!

Thankfully, since it's the week before spring break we are watching a video about Monet. Did you know his wife's name was Camille and he had two boys? I love that name.

Today I got home and walked the Wellington. It's so nice outside and he likes to chase the birds.

I made stuffed bell peppers in the crock pot and they were just OK.

I'm a little bit excited about Melissa being on dancing with the stars. I hope she does really well.

This afternoon I had a girl in Kinder who is hearing impaired. I got her seated and told her we were watching a video. I got her chair situated and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. What crazy surprise (coming from a girl who kicked her teacher in the shin last week.)

That was my Monday. How was yours?

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