Wednesday, April 29, 2009


That's the time K finished today with her TAKS test. She started at 8:40a.m. As she was taking it I was thinking in my head...take your time, take your time, pppplllleeeaaassseeee take your time. But she was done in a snap and there we sat. Snack time came and we ate our cheddar dolphins & friends. Then we sat there until lunch. We talked ever so quietly about lots of things - family, breakfast, dinner, lunch, snacks, haunted houses. It felt like my brain was turning into moosh and I was getting very sleepy. After lunch she got to go back to her room for the rest of the day. Hooray!

My room was occupied with 23 3rd graders. So I kept myself busy doing random things getting ready for next week. We're going to make paper beads! Yay!

My birthday is Friday and I have already gotten 2 presents.

From Keith's Parents: $$$
From My Parents: Clothes, Cookies, NotePad, Seeds to Plant, Gardening Gloves, Really Cute Summer Placemats - (But I really wish it was them. I wish they were in that UPS box.)

I love presents. Especially presents that come in the mail.

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