Thursday, April 16, 2009

Red Yellow Orange Blue Green Purple

These are the words I've been saying all week and I'm glad it's almost Friday.

My students are making color wheels and warm/cool color books this week.

Next week is earth week. My art club kids already made some really awesome flowers made out of toilet paper rolls. Will post a pic later... So far we've decorated the office and teacher's lounge.

I pulled a muscle behind my knee and it hurts like crazy.

I had a major headache Tuesday which caused me to "lay down" at 7p.m. and not get up until 6a.m. Are you serious??

Keith made dinner for me yesterday. I came home to my house smelling of a home cooked meal and it made me want to jump up and down. But I didn't because I thought my leg was going to fall off.

I'm glad tomorrow's Friday, but Saturday I've got to get up and do it all over again. Saturday school from 9-12 then meeting kids at the art gallery from 2-5.

Whew. Such is life.

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