Thursday, July 16, 2009

The one where you can't hear anything because someone pressed the mute button..

Tonight was family night at church. Keith came with me.
Part of my responsibilities this week were making a video & teaching preschool arts & crafts.
I worked on the video all week and it came together pretty well. There were lots of funny parts.
Who wouldn't laugh at our pastor getting attacked by a giant plastic kangaroo?
Keith and I watched it last night on our DVD player. I was pretty excited about it.
Tonight they showed the video. We couldn't hear a single thing. Nuthin.
Did you know that part of editing a video has to do with the audio? The music?
What a beat down.
You know what the music was?
Not to us (but to Your Name be the Glory) - Chris Tomlin

To God be the Glory for a silent video.
And a shout out to Amy Nobles - Lord I praise you for the silent video.

Guess what else we got tonight?

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