Monday, October 31, 2011

The one about our weekend.

  • Friday we saved money and ate sandwiches at home.
  • We looked at 2 houses in my parents neighborhood.
  • We went to the beach after that and got dinner at Mellow Mushroom.  Yum.
  • The Rangers played in the World Series Friday night - I watched a little and K watched all of it. He now says, "I'm never watching baseball again."  Right.
  • A woke up in the middle of the night HUNGRY because he didn't eat all of his dinner.  We gave him milk and he was good to go. He didn't wake up until 8!
  • We all got up at 8 and got some breakfast at Fatty Patty's.  We tried to go to the playground after breakfast, but it was REALLY windy and cold.  We went down a few slides before we decided it was too cold.
  • A fell asleep in the car and we drove around.
  • We got home and thought A was still going to take a we hung around, ate left over pizza, watched TV, rolled the ball back and forth, until we decided to go for a walk.
  • There's a hippy market down the street from our beach house.  I told K I wanted to go and check it out.  So we strapped A into the stroller and went for our walk.  The Hippy Market was full of tie dye, cute purses, leather sandals, art, and a cafe.  We walked back on the beach and IT WAS AMAZINGLY DEAD.  We saw probably 5 people and A got to walk with us.  It was soo pretty.
  • We got back from our 1.5 hour walk, gave A a bath and he took the nap of his life.  
  • K did some work for Ethics and I got caught up on Sister Wives and the DIY network.  Why is Sister Wives so interesting??
  • Our dinner was completely bad for us - McDonald's Caramel Frappe's, hamburgers, and we split some fries.
  • I missed Grand Prairie a lot on Saturday.  I miss going to The Brass Bean and the library.  I miss going to Fielder and I miss working, but I'm glad we have the beach to go to.  I think our life is better in some ways here.
  • Sunday we woke up with A and got Dunkin' Donuts.  We played with A and watched TV and went to Flour Power for lunch after A's nap.
  • A and I went to Aunt Dar's for a Halloween Party Sunday afternoon.  It was in her neighborhood and the lady who hosted the party had been a Kindergarten teacher for 30 years. Her house was cute and ready for Halloween.  They had an awesome outdoor living, kitchen, indoor pool area.
  • K and I drove back Sunday night.  We put A in his PJ's before leaving. He fell asleep on the way, gave him milk when we got home, and he slept until 7 this morning.

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