Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The one about A and other things.

My friend Lucy had triplets - 3 healthy babies.  Wow Praise the Lord!

Our trip to Austin was fun.

We got our fill of good Mexican and BBQ.

We spruced up our house in GP & now we are under contract!

A has started sign language during Christmas - he can sign more, milk, please.

He's learning so much everyday.

He picked up my blush brush the other morning and started rubbing his face with it.

I gave him some toilet paper yesterday & he put it up to his nose and made sounds like he was blowing his nose.

He is blowing kisses all the time.

He can mimic our sounds.  A calls my mom Lecee and he can say "eesee" and G for GDaddy.

He LOVES it when K comes home.  He screams DAAADAAA!!

He can point to his head, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, ears, and tummy.

Dr. said he needs more food & less milk so he's trying more table food and eating more baby food and drinking milk during meal times.  He's a busy growing boy!

We are still enjoying our Mon. &Weds. when he goes to school & I go to Zumba and run errands.  We have been spending most of our days outside playing.

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