Thursday, January 26, 2012

The one where we get dark clouds and people start running for cover.

I taught elementary art in a portable outside of the main building for 4 years in Dallas.  During those 4 years we've had our share of storms and snow.  We could hear the wind blow from inside.  We could hear the rain hit the windows like it was raining sideways.  We heard lightning like it hit very close and loud thunder.  We had to step over or into big puddles of water, We had so much snow in the parking lot it was hard to drive out it was so slippery, but never did we get out of school for 'impending' bad weather.  We kept our emergency kit close and our cell phones and flash lights closer, but Really?

Ok so they did cancel classes for ice.  But that was ice.

But impending weather?  You're not even guaranteed it will come.

Come on.

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