Saturday, February 11, 2012

The one about Andrew.

Andrew used to be in my art class.  He'd rather be in gym.  I taught him when he was in first, second, third, and fourth grade.  He has 3 sisters and one brother.   Grandpa takes care of them.  I bought presents for them one year for Christmas and they were so excited.  Not much lovin' at home means lots of attention at school.  I dreamed about Andrew last night and he was doing the same thing he was doing in my class - so much potential but up to no good with that crazy look on his face. 

I'm thinking about getting my AL teaching certificate.  If I decide to teach again it will be an easy transition and I can help all the other Andrews here in my new town.

We tried again to find some nicer shoes for A today. No luck. K wanted to get brown leather that lace up.  That LACE UP.  Those things will never be laced.  We are 0-3 at this point.  Tennis shoes again for church tomorrow.

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We finally ate breakfast at our own table this morning. I made eggs with cheese, biscuits and yummy coffee. A was in his high chair and it was great to sit with our plates on a table...our own table, together.

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