Monday, February 20, 2012

The one where we have an 11 hour day.

K's gone from 8-7 today and no Mother's Morning Out due to President's Day..Yay!

8a.m. in the high chair in the kitchen eating breakfast while Mom unloads, loads dishes and makes coffee - all smiles - with my San Antonio, Texas shirt on!

9a.m. Watching Super Why Guy on Sprout and playing in my exersaucer

10a.m. playing in his room - This is his Valentine's Puppy from G & Lecee.  It sings and it's ears go up and down!

11a.m. playing at the ROC - he likes to watch if there is anyone playing basketball.  He also likes to get the basketballs and bounce them.  He is pretty much done here playing on the bleachers.

12p.m. Eating at Longhorn with G & Lecee - Thankfully, A usually does well in restaurants.  When it gets close to his nap time like today, he gets a little rowdy.  He squealed a few times, but today was a good day. Thanks for lunch, G!

1p.m. Time to sit down and fold laundry while Little Man is sleeping
Did I mention I haven't had a Dr. Pepper in 3 days? Go me.
2p.m. Take a shower. Do more laundry.
3 & 4p.m. A wakes up, plays, has a snack
5p.m. Walmart Run for fruit, veggies, yogurt & cereal

6p.m. Hanging out with Wells and A before I fix dinner. Thanks Aunt Dar for the lamp!
7p.m. Dad's home and tickling has begun!  What a long day! I had fun with you, Little A! I'm going to bed!

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