Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Bro. Ed, one of our ministers at Calvary, set K* and I up on a blind date way back in Feb. of 2005 when we were both at SWBTS in Fort Worth.  We owe it to him for our love story - him and Jesus of course.  Last Wednesday A and I went to family night supper at church.  We pay, wait in line, and I do my very best to get us supper with A on one hip, steering a tray, get food on the plate and grab a plastic fork.  I can never remember to get us napkins.  Anyhoo Bro.Ed held A while I was in line last Wednesday.  I watched him mingle around holding A.  I was happy to have a break, and it was neat to see our matchmaker holding my son.  This is my favorite part of the night...I caught a glimpse of Bro. Ed holding A and said with lots of pride to someone standing in line, "This is Austin Boozer." as if he had something to do with it. :)

*Bro. Ed was K's pastor in Austin before coming to our church here.
**If you click on SWBTS link it will take you to the place K & I had our first date.  If you click on the Fort Worth link it will take you to the place K proposed to me on the balcony in between the angels.

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