Monday, April 23, 2012


Texas City T-shirt  -   "I've Been Everywhere" - Red Heather Blend
I bought this shirt on Etsy today...thought it was pretty clever.  You can find it here.  I might be wearing it everyday.  Watch out.

You can see we go through
Ennis - we went on a mission trip there in HS
Carl's Corner - they have a cool gas station
Hillsboro - home of the outlets
West - apparently they have good colaches
Waco - also called Wacko, Baylor, and a river
Temple - they had a bad tornado there once
Georgetown - almost to Austin
Round Rock - we pass IKEA and so close to Austin!
 to get to beloved Austin. 

K's grandparents live close to a town called Red Rock not be confused with Round Rock or Red Oak.  Sheesh.  Did you know San Antonio was so close to Austin?  K says he rarely went there growing up.  Food for thought.

Once when we were driving to see K's parents we tried to memorize the cities between Dallas and Austin. There's a lot more than what you see here.  It helped us pass the time and I think we did pretty well.

We were driving back from the beach Sunday and K saw several TX flags flying on the side of the road.  He was giddy.  Love him.

See? Isn't this shirt so much fun?!

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