Thursday, May 17, 2012

About A

You will be 21 months on May 21st.

You  do not like to sit in a high chair which makes going out to eat hard.
I think we are taking a break from eating out.
You will not sit still nor do you know 'inside voice' yet.

You don't like running water in the bathtub.

We ask you if you want something and you usually shake your head no.

You have gotten more bumps, scrapes and bruises this month than in your entire life.
Ex:  Within a couple of days you climbed out of your pack n play at the beach which resulted in a huge goose egg on the middle of your forehead and you scraped your knee running down the ramp at the library.  Let's not talk about the bandaide situation.

Boys will be boys.

On a better note you are giving lots of hugs which makes up for all the other stuff in our life.

Mr. A May 21, 2011 - 9 months old - in GP, TX

Me & Mr. A May 21, 2010 in GP, TX

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