Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chiller & Exercise at McD's

This afternoon A and I went to McDonald's to check out their Indoor Playground.  I had a coupon for a free cherry berry chiller so I got one and it was - eh.  A walked around and checked things out.  He watched kids play for a while.  I helped him climb up the first winding plastic stair case and he went all the way up by himself!  My boys isn't even 2!  He found a friend up there and stayed at the top for a while...until I could not see him.  Then I climbed up the plastic staircase and helped him go through the tunnel.  I felt a little closterphobic, but could see the end and knew A was having fun.  He didn't want to go down the windy red slide of doom so we went down the blue stairs instead.  He found a friend on the bottom that was more his age and they yelled "No!" to each other a few times.  It was cute.  Who knew my knees would be so red and sore and my arms would be shaky from crawling around for an hour.

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