Saturday, May 05, 2012

Last Week's Dinner

Monday - shared a margherita chicken pizza and had a salad at Red Elephant with my parents. A refuses to get in a high chair this week.  Whew.

Tuesday - my mom made dinner for everyone tonight - mashed potatoes, asparagus, squash, garlic rolls, some sort of beef with peppers, cookie cake & raspberry sorbet - YUM.  A threw a cracker and it landed in my mom's centerpiece.  He threw another one and hit my grandmother in the shoulder...that boy has an arm.

Wednesday - keeping with the tradition of not cooking this week and it's Panera night.  K is out playing golf so A and I got a blueberry bagel sliced and toasted with blueberry cream cheese and a fruit cup.  Thanks Aunt D.!  I got the bagel free because of MyPaneraCard Reward for my Birthday!

Thursday - we went to the beach when K got home from work.  We got Schlotzsky's on the way in.  Originals for us both.  Did you know Scholtzsky's started in Austin?

Friday - we spent the morning at the beach and a few hours in the afternoon at the Sanctuary beach pool.  We found out where Thunder Beach was located and ordered a medium cheese pizza from Mellow Mushroom and ate it at the beach house.

Saturday - Wecome to Moe's! We're going to share chicken nachos!

Sunday - after my parents had the most awkward Sunday service ever (we chose not to go & went to another church) we joined them at Longhorn.  My mom and I always get the Grilled Chicken and Strawberry salad with extra dressing and no onions.  K got a steak, my Dad is on a French Onion soup and salad kick, and A almost fell asleep in the booth.  Probably cereal for us tonight.  OK I take that back. After church we went to Altanta Bread Co. with my parents and some friends.  I got a bagel w/ cream cheese and K got the California avacado sandwich. Yum.

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