Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Weird Wednesday

what a weird day
we slept until 8 because A was at L&G's
didn't have to take him to MMO b/c L did that
went to Zumba, then Kmart, then back home
had lunch at home - hot ham & cheese with guac on it
A took a LONG nap - L&G and MMO wear him out!
made myself clean and straighten up our room! finally!
K is playing golf
no Bible study tonight
didn't want meatloaf at church
Panera it is...I think.

usually we're up eating breakfast and going to MMO & Zumba by 8:25
usually A is up and we're trying to find something to do in the afternoon
usually K has a long day and doesn't play golf
usually A and I eat dinner at church

but none of that happened today
hello beach weekend!

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