Tuesday, June 26, 2012

22 Months

Hey Baby Boy,

You are 22 Months Old!!  You are 2 months away from being 2.  That makes your mama crazy.  You are such a big boy now.  You weigh 28 pounds.  You are tall and skinny.  You wear 2T shirts and 18 month shorts and size 7 shoe.  You are constantly on the go.  You like to give hugs.  You are getting better at saying words.  When you get excited and start laughing you say, "Oh me." afterwards.  It's so cute.  You are doing great at playing in the pool.  This past weekend you put half of your face in the water holding your breath.  You like to watch Curious George, Super Why, and The Dinosaur Train.  We watch the Fresh Beat Band sometimes, too.  I have been home with you since June 2011 and then a few months later we moved to AL.  It's been a challenge, but I think you and I are really enjoying each other.  When we pray before bed you say 'Amen' after me.  I love you Buddy.  Here's to Month 23!


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