Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last Week's Dinner

Monday - Kraft's Veggie Mac 'n Cheese, Fresh corn on the cob, Fresh cucumbers, seasoned rice - then we took my mom to Chill FroYo for her birthday
Tuesday - Homemade cheese pizza with cold watermelon...yum!

Wednesday - Picked up Mama Goldberg's sandwiches & ate them at church.

Thursday - We dropped off A at my parents and went to Rodeo and had chips & salsa, a chalupa, and green enchiladas. For dessert: mini oreo blizzard & small butterfinger

Friday - Before we went swimming we stopped at ChickFilA and got chicken strips, fries and a drink. K wanted it and we only had cereal for lunch so we were hungry.  We went swimming down at the farm, then watched the US Open at my parent's house.  Then just ate around the house when we got home.  We probably had more Banana Nut Crunch. Ha.

Saturday - The US Open is on and K wanted Papa John's so that's what he got.  Large Papa John's pizza with tomatoes and sausage.  And we had it Sunday for lunch.

Sunday - Happy Father's Day!  We had a happy plate of fresh cucumbers and a yogurt parfait.  Then K wanted Taco Bell so I picked up a bean burrito for him and nachos supreme for me.  The US Open is STILL on and K just said it won't be off until 9:30.  Sheesh.

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