Sunday, June 24, 2012

Last Week's Dinner

I am watching Forks Over Knives right now on NetFlix and think my dinners might change a little bit...adding more fruits and veggies.  We don't eat much meat here anyway. 

Monday - K's car died so we had to go to Whaley's.  K was hungry, flustered and didn't want to wait for me to cook so we went to Mama Goldberg's and had some of their subs.

Tuesday - A and I picked up K from work and we invited my Dad to dinner. He met us at Pizza Hut, then we went to the library.

Wednesday - A and I picked up K again and his car wasn't ready.  We picked up smoothies from Panera.  Yum.

**Not a good week for cooking apparently**
Thursday - Nothing says going to the beach like stopping at Burger King before you head out. 

Friday - Our friends came down to join us and they have twin girls.  After most of the afternoon at the beach we were beat so we picked up Mellow Mushroom for dinner.

Saturday - We got home from the beach around 8 so I had a bowl of cereal.  K and I shared a iced caramel mocha from McD's on the way home.  A had a chicken nugget happy meal.

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