Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Year Ago

This time last year school had just ended and we were enjoying our hot summer in TX.  (It was our first year we had to water the foundation.  Our backyard looked like a desert not that the grass was dead but there were holes in the dirt.)  K & I always thought it would be great to live closer to one set of parents especially now that A is here.  We knew we could not please both since they are 12 hours apart.  We were leaning toward the place where they keep it weird where K is from.  Right around this time we got a note from my mom telling us there was a position open for a Full-Time Philosophy professor in her area.  I had been working full-time as an elementary art teacher and K was adjunct, but not full-time.  He wanted to be full-time.  I really enjoyed my job.  I had my groove.  I knew my kids.  We were enjoying where we were living.  We had our favorite places to eat.

K applied for the job.  He interviewed for it and they offered it to him the week before he was supposed to start.  We packed up our house in a week. What we couldn't fit in the uhaul or in our cars we left in the garage.  Our first Sunday in AL,  A turned 1. 

K started his job and I started mine as a mom to A.  It was hard.  I was supposed to start my 5th year teaching hispanic kids in DallasISD.  I couldn't really say I was excited to have moved because I so missed everything. 

Many people here don't understand why I miss TX so much and why I wasn't that excited to be here. A lot of good things happened to me there. I got my master's degree, my teaching certificate, I met my love, I had a baby, I bought a house, We left friends and a great church, I got my first job that paid the bills and I LOVED.

Life has gotten better since we started Mother's Day Out, exercising, live our own place, and have somewhat of a routine.  We've been here 10 months and I still miss things about TX.  I was there 9 years - I should miss it.  It's 103 at the ballpark tonight in Arlington at 7p.m.  I do not miss that.

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