Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Just Some Stuff

We had a really crazy lightning storm Monday night.  I don't think I've ever seen that much lightning.  Our dog Wellington is afraid of storms.  He starts shaking, panting, and cowers in a corner if he's not in his bed.  I really like it when it rains hard because I don't have to water my flowers.  It seems like I'm having to water twice a day now.

Like right now thunder is THUNDERING and thankfully it hasn't woken up A.  Wellington, however has knocked over the iron by freaking out in his bed.  Sheesh.

Little Man played really well this morning which makes for a great morning all around.  We stayed at home most of the morning, but took a drive to get gas, take recycling and watch the big water slide at Water World before lunch.  Little Man is really loving chicken nuggets for lunch.  I'm afraid he's going to be a big eater like his Daddy.  If we could just get him to eat anything...now that would be awesome.

I am looking into jobs for the fall with our school system here.  Hoping and lots of praying something great will work out like it did here.

2 cute owls by my Dallas 2nd graders

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