Monday, July 30, 2012

Last week's dinner

Monday - Brown rice with beef tips and gravy, seasoned black beans
Tuesday - We printed a free kids meal coupon for Moe's and shared their nachos.  A had his first cheese quesadilla!
Wednesday - Our Wednesday evenings usually go like this:
Our church has mission projects going on outside of church so we have to pick what we want to do.
E: Hurry up lets go to church
K: What do you want to do?
E: I don't know. What do you want to do? We have 3 options.
K: I hope A is OK. (in the nursery)
E: I hope he is too.  Should we go get him?
K: Let's go get him and visit your parents.
E: OK.
So at my parents house we had their leftovers of chicken fingers, wings and bread.  Yum.
Thursday: K came home from work late and brought home Panera to share. Yum.
Friday:  My mom cooked yummy pasta for all of us before we met our new music minister.
Saturday: My cousin is in town from CA so we went to a pool party and I got full on my Aunt L's bean/corn salsa.
Sunday: Big lunch at my mom's house and we ate just some stuff around the house for dinner.

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