Thursday, July 12, 2012


A & I tried to go to the $2 movie today, but Holy Moly at the people and kids.  How to Train Your Dragon was showing, we have already watched it with A, and he liked it.  We got there 10 minutes early and there were about 100 people waiting to get in.  We'll try again next week.

We drove to the library, A played happily with the train and we checked out two new board books.  That's more our style anyway.

When bigger kids (train hogs) got to the library we decided to leave and go see whats going on at the ROC.  They are having winshape camp there right now.  We watched from the top of the gym and it was sensory overload but A sat in my lap and watched for 30 minutes. They had 10 stations and everybody was going everywhere, playing all kinds of games, flashing lights, you name it.

We got home and had lunch - fixed a smoothie and chicken nuggets, but A didn't want the chicken.  He also had some pnut butter and milk.

Little Man went down for a nap and I have been looking at the Pioneer Woman cookbook from the library.  I think I might make chicken parmesean soon.

Makes me hungry just thinking about it!

Here's Little Man after his long nap!

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