Monday, August 20, 2012

Braves vs. Dodgers Aug. 17th

 We got to the stadium at 4:45 and waited in line.
The game started at 7.
 This is K at our seats.
 The Dodgers warmed up infront of us.  This is Belisario, a pitcher.  He pitched at this game.
 This is Matt Traener, Misty May-Traener's hubby.  He used to play for the TX Rangers.
 Traener's a catcher.  We cracked up watching him warm up.  Is he doing Zumba?
He waved at me.
 This is Traener's throwing partner.  He was the starting pitcher.  Thankfully Traener caught everyone and didn't hit me in the head.
 This is Kemp.   K says he's one of the best players in the MLB.
 This was our security guard.  We were curious about those sunglasses.
 This is Chipper's last season.  He hit his 2,701 hit...a homerun!
In the 11th inning when one of the Braves hit the winning run everyone ran out onto the field and celebrated.  We did, too, because it was late and we were ready for fireworks.

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