Sunday, August 12, 2012

Feliz Seis Anos

So this is us the night before our wedding.
That's John, Keith's brother, the best man.
My sister-in-law Lindsey is on the left.  The choir is in the back.
Tonight we went to church and heard all about the mission trips to NY, Guatemala & China.
We dropped off A and went out to eat.
We got frozen yogurt and Roberta Flack was playing over the speakers.

We met in 2005 at seminary.
Our minister who set us up told us to get to know each other for all 4 seasons.
We got engaged in 2006 between angels. We went to a Roberta Flack concert.
Got married summer of 2006.
We lived, worked, & loved being in TX until 2011.
Here we are back again where we got married.

Our 1 year anniversary we went to Oklahoma City and brought home Khoe
Our 2 year anniversary we celebrated in Austin and then I got my job teaching in Dallas!
Our 3 year anniversary we took a trip to San Francisco
4 year anniversary we were waiting on Little A to come -
                 he was due on the 12th but came on the 21st!
5 year anniversary we were packing up and heading to our new home down South
                 We went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings with our friends, the Ruarks.
To celebrate our 6 year anniversary we are heading north to see our first Braves game together
                and explore the big city!

Here's to year numero seite!

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