Thursday, September 06, 2012

2 year appointment

We waited 20 minutes in the waiting room before going back.  They kept calling kids names and Austin wanted to go back every time.  He played with toys, he looked at fish, he tried to open the door, we had juice.  Twenty minutes later they called his name.  Thank the Lord I was out of ideas.

We got measurements and weight.

36 1/2 in. long 95%
30.6 lbs. 75%

We waited some more in the little room and it wasn't that bad.  They had this cubby he liked to climb in and we had pretzels and Annies fruit snacks.  We played "Where's Austin?"

The dr. said he looks great and is healthy.  He wants to see Austin in 6 months to check on his language skills.   He is comprehending things and is plenty smart.  The part we are working on is expressing his words.

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