Thursday, September 27, 2012

No more crib

We put Austin's toddler bed together Wednesday night.
He's started climbing last month.
We put pillows all around his crib just in case.
Wednesday he fell out of his crib onto one of those pillows.
Scared me so bad!!!
No scratches, bruises, cuts, scrapes, nothing.
Thank you Jesus.

We had to put him back to bed about 10 times Weds. night.
Thurs. he fell asleep while eating his snack.
I tried to put him in bed for his nap earlier.
Then he wouldn't stay in his bed so I let him play.
Looks like he wore himself out.
Thank you Jesus.

Saturday...Austin has yet to take a nap in his bed.
Today I had to drive around our neighborhood for him to fall asleep.
Darn toddler bed.

Night time has been better.
He hasn't gotten up since the first night.

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