Monday, September 10, 2012

The Future


We lived  in TX for 9 years with great talent and things to do at our fingertips...

Things here where we live now aren't really up to our expectations.

We talk about that a lot.

But we also think our decisions lead us to other things in life....mostly good things.

For example:

Before K & I got married he interviewed for a position at Prestonwood Baptist Church.
He got it, but I needed a job.
I got a job in their children's ministry.
It stunk.
I quit.
I got a job at a scrapbook store & applied for DallasISD's teacher certification.
I got it! I passed my tests! I got a job teaching!
I taught for 4 years.
Teaching for 4 years got me to this job I will start on Friday.
And hopefully all of my past experiences will lead me to something even greater next year.

Having a stinky job at Prestonwood lead me to have an AWESOME job in Dallas.  Sometimes bad things lead to good least that's been our experience.

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