Sunday, October 07, 2012

Last week's dinner

Saturday - spaghetti with asparagus (microwave in the bag from Publix)
Monday - chicken marsala, carrots (microwave in the bag from Publix), garlic breadsticks
Tuesday - mac&cheese with broccoli, corn/tom/okra, baked beans
Wednesday - K had leftover Salmon salad from Longhorn & I had Banana Nut Crunch cereal
Thursday - K & I went out to eat - Pizza Hut
Friday - K picked up Taco Bell on his way home from playing golf.
Saturday - K picked up Atlanta Bread's California Avacado sandwich for us.  Yum!

I am teaching Smudges this week at Hidden Lake Elementary.
I am also subbing for a high school art class.  Pray for me on Tuesday!  I've never taught high school.  I'm keeping an open mind.

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