Monday, January 21, 2013

What We Do After School

I don't know how long Austin will be in daycare.  We're still working that one out.  I am kind of excited about giving staying at home another try.

 I saw this on another blog and to avoid watching a movie every afternoon I have thought of some things we can do together.  Here's my list:

Art - painting, playdough, color
Movie - watch a movie together
Book  - read special books from library or from home
Cook - make something together
Treat - go get frozen yogurt together

Key is being together, learning, and having a good time.
This week A helped me make M&M cookies.  He liked scooping out sugar into the mixing bowl.
Today we are going to paint with our .25 watercolors and use those for Valentines.

This gives him something to look foward to as well.  As we are driving to school I'll say, "Austin this afternoon we can paint (or make cookies or go get some ice cream or go to the playground)!  Do you want to paint this afternoon?"  And A will say, "Yes!"

I am hoping these little moments will create memories for Austin.  Keith's mom always took him to get a Dr. Pepper after school.  It was that one thing they did together. 


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