Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Day

I made cinnamon rolls for my boys this morning.
I got out of bed before either of them.
K had cinnamon rolls and coffee in bed.
Austin got a new outfit and a special breakfast.
He had a fun party at school.
He had a bite of everything, but really ate about 25 M&M's.
After the party I went to MOPS and we made necklaces and ate food with chocolate fondue.
Then I went out to eat with my parents - had a small salad.
I came home and changed then entered more bankruptcy claims at my Dad's office.
I picked up Austin & he had gift bags from 11 other kids in his class.
We'll be eating candy for a while.
K says I'll have flowers tomorrow.  Can't wait!
Tomorrow?  Tomorrow's not Valentine's day.
Always get your wife something on Valentines day.  Always.
We are watching Nemo tonight and glad tomorrow's Friday.

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