Saturday, February 09, 2013

Our weekend at the beach

Big sis too!
The party was too cute. 

This weekend we went to the beach to celebrate Kayde's 1st birthday!  Friday night we drove straight to one of our favorite restaurants (Guadalajara) because we were hungry!!

This was my view!  Ha.  The food was yummy.  We ate lots of chips and salsa.  It was more authentic Mexican food and the atmosphere made us feel like we were back in Texas.

We weren't brave enough this morning to walk on the beach.  It was cold!

We drove back this afternoon after the party.  Austin doesn't eat much at parties.  He's more interested in playing.  Here's his dinner tonight.

At the beginning of dinner it was all in the green bowl.  He used a spoon and fork.  Then he got full and dumped it all out.  We picked it up together and all is well.

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