Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A new week & prayers


We've got some news for you.

Austin's going to be a big brother in mid-October!

He will also start 3 year old preschool on his birthday as long as he's potty trained.

I asked him the day I went to the dr., "Austin do you want a brother or a sister?"  He plainly said, "Sister."  Same goes for Keith.

This early pregnancy is nothing like when I was pregnant with Austin.  I feel like I have 24/7 nausea and it will not go away.  I have this weird taste in my mouth.  I have to make myself eat but nothing sounds good.  Hoping this stage will pass soon. 

I went to see the nurse last week and got 6 viles of blood drawn.  I sat down for the lady to take my blood and she kept putting viles inside this box so she would be ready.  She said I looked terrified and I said that's going to be a lot of blood.  I was already queasy so I prayed it went by fast and it did!  Keith and I will go March 14th (9more days!) to have an ultrasound.

Lots of excitement! Lots of questions!

Please start praying!

 drinking chocolate milk out of a big boy cup
learning colors with mini m&m's

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