Thursday, March 07, 2013


I am 8 weeks pregnant tomorrow.
I have to say this one is completely different than with Austin.
I'm not sure how I could teach 850 students with the kind of nausea I have right now.
I am very thankful for Keith & that he works hard for us.
I am thankful for my mom who got me out of the house today and brought over groceries.

We are trying our hardest to potty train Austin.
He's trying his hardest to not tee tee or poo poo in the potty lately.

It will come.
Every morning when we are walking to school I say,
"When you can tee tee in the potty you can go to the big school for PreSchool."

My dr. called in Zofran for me today.
I'm going to take my first half pill this afternoon.
I hope it doesn't make me feel weird.
I hope it takes away the terrible nausea I have.

One week and we will have an ultrasound!

Happy Thursday!

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