Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hello Summer.

Our first day of summer was Thursday.  Austin's last day of school was Wednesday.  He brought cookies and hugs to share with his friends.  We celebrated our first day of summer by eating at Krispy Kreme, getting a watermelon at Walmart, riding in Uncle Wayne's big truck, and not taking a nap.

We've spent a lot of time together.  This is our normal and with this newness comes frustration.  Let's just face it - I am a pregnant single mom.  I am in charge.
My other half has left and thinks it's purely ok to see his son for two hours at a time.
Frustrated - yes!  But trying to focus on teaching and loving and mothering this sweet little boy everyday - yes!!
 Playing with the train at the library
Waiting for our pizza at Hungry Howie's
I also set up our trainset from IKEA,  put up black out drapes in A's room, & watched as a lady blew Austin a kiss from the motorcycle nearby.

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