Wednesday, August 21, 2013

He's 3!

A woke up today a 3 year old!
I made him breakfast - milk, bananas and a surprise doughnut (that he didn't eat)
He had balloons waiting for him & lots of hugs and kisses.
We got ready for school in time, Lecee came with us for pictures and walk to school.
He walked in with his friends Sara & Ella.
He was  so excited to see his teacher and classroom.
I think he kind of looked at me thinking, "You're leaving me?" but that was only a split second because he saw a jar of M&M's and asked his teacher if he could have some.
I picked him up in the car line and he was sweaty & happy.  He immediatly took off his shoes and we headed home for birthday lunch with Ian.  He also tt'd in the potty. Yay!
He ate a small lunch, played and watched The Jungle Book Movie with Ian.  He took a much needed nap then opened presents from my parents and we ate dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  They gave us free cake & ice cream (that he didn't eat).  Dad gave him a bath and now he's in bed.  It's been a great day!

Photo: Our boy is 3 & had a great first day at preschool!

Photo: Someone turns 3 & starts prek 3 tomorrow. :)

Photo: Meet the teacher pk3 & ultrasound for baby sister - busy day!

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