Thursday, September 19, 2013


  • I am hot all the time. K had to get out a blanket the other night.
  • I can care less about our energy bill at this point.
  • I've felt uncomfortable Braxton hicks contractions on Tuesdays this week and last week. This week I had contractions while getting an ultrasound which was weird. 
  • My belly button is something funky unlike with Austin - must be her position.
  • This morning I felt a leg stretched out all the way on my right side.
  • The consignment sale is Saturday & I will be getting her some winter clothes.
  • Hoping to take some pictures this weekend of the 3.5 of us.
  • Not sure how its going to go with a new born & an active 3 year old but we'll manage. As the old lady in Fort Worth said, "The Lord provides." Right now...that would be patience & a magic behavior button that makes Austin immediately become an angel. :)

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