Thursday, July 03, 2014

This little guy

This little guy made me a Mama.
He and I are both feeling the frustration of our new life.
I love him.
He is avoiding nap this week.
I took all of his toys out of his room so he will know his room is for sleep.
His new tactic to avoiding sleep is telling me "I need to go poo poo.  I need to go tt."
Even if he's already gone.
Yesterday - all during nap time - every 15 min, "Mama, I need to go poo poo. I need to go tt."
I think when he starts sleeping late (in about 10 years) I'm going to wake him up at 7am and tell him I need to go tt.
Then I'll wake him up at 8am and tell him I need to go poo poo.
Just kidding.
He'll understand when he has kids of his own.

This weekend we are celebrating July 4th the way it should be celebrated.
I can't wait!

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