Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our week

I met my friends from life group at Panera Thursday night. I got a free smoothie, a small Mac & cheese, & a scone for breakfast. Yummy. Then I picked up the kids & went to bed. I was asleep before 8pm.

Wednesday night austin went to the clubhouse, Khloe to the nursery  & I went to DivorceCare. Wednesday nights everyone is tired & the trash can is waiting for me to take it out to the street even in my pajamas. The trash men come at 6am on Thursday. Ugh.

Friday Austin comes home from an afternoon with his dad & gets a bath. My parents bring us BBQ & Austin eats a bite of BBQ but eats 4 go-gurts instead. Then he got a stomach ache.

Saturday Austin got up before the sun but went back to bed until 7. After a morning with his dad he took a long nap.  Khloe & I got lots of chores done at home. We played until bedtime.

Sunday Austin put a puzzle together on the kitchen floor while I ironed our clothes. Khloe wished she could be crawling around, but played in her crib until I was done ironing. Church was great. Mom made another amazing lunch. Austin didn't nap so we all went to Sears & Lowes to look at appliances for 'the grey house'.  Austin requested Pizza Hut so we had breadsticks & a half pepperoni half sausage pizza for dinner. Then we did bath time, read a book & early to bed.

My life is wild I tell ya. 

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