Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dothan, Grand Prairie, or Austin

Almost four years ago we had a decision to make.  K was interviewing for a job in my hometown.  I had a good job in Dallas. We had a cute house down the street from the YMCA, a church we liked, Austin had a great daycare.  We were settled or at least I thought we were.

K got the job.  We moved to my hometown.  The adjustment was hard.  I didn't know God was moving us down here because He knew I would need my family more than ever.  Because my husband would choose the world over us.

I'm still going through boxes of stuff.
Stuff from Texas. Stuff from before he left us.
It's hard.
I don't like it.

I have good memories, and I know God has a plan in all this, but it all just makes me angry.

I feel like I got the better end.  Holding onto good memories and 2 beautiful kids.  But that's not what I wanted going into dating a man I thought I wanted to marry and eventually did.  I promised him for the rest of my life, and he didn't.  I prayed for a man to marry, God gave me one, then that man chose a very different road.

Life's not fair.

So I raise two little ones teaching them about Jesus, how to live a Christ honoring life.  Praying this anger & frustration will pass like the sadness that came before it.

Oh how I love them :)

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