Monday, June 29, 2015

Some Things

Well my zinnias are growing tall like my sunflowers did in Texas. 
Yesterday we walked (Khloe strolled) to my parents house. Then took the double stroller home. Was a great work out!
Austin picked up about 15 rocks along the way. 
My kids are eating me out of the house. Austin has a serious appetite & it's hard to get him full sometimes. 
We plan on swimming a lot this week. 
Khloe is talking really well. Last week me, Austin, Khloe & my mom were piled up on Austin's bed. His bed made a loud noise & the wooden boards fell to the floor. Khloe put her hands on her cheeks & said plain as day, "oh my goodness!"

So cute. 

I'm making muffins & really wish you could smell them. So yummy. 

Happy Monday!

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