Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Lots have things have happened:

1. We spent a long week in Austin with the Boozers for Thanksgiving and it was wonderful.
2. My assistant principal finally came and observed me...during 1st grade...when I have 2 terrors named Steven and Carlos. Hopefully she liked what she saw.
3. Wellington is staying with the Boozers in Austin until Christmas. He needs some time to run. I like the phone calls we get from his mom saying he is in his carrier infront of the fire place. Hee...
4. Since Khoe is the only dog in the house...we love her. She's the best apartment dog ever. I would recommend Bishon's to anyone.
5. This week almost all of my classes are painting. Painting is stressful for me b/c I do not know what the kids will do. I mean they are fine with pencils in their hands - but give them paint and let the games begin. My kids wear uniforms -- red shirts and khaki pants. I tell them everytime that the paint will not come out of their clothes. I do not want to be buying khaki pants for kids who got paint on themselves. Today I had a first grade class that was so crazy that by the end of class I told them they will never paint again in art. We'll see about that...maybe I'll have mercy on them.

And finally,

6. Saturday morning I will be taking my art test to be certified as an art teacher. I have been studying so I hope I pass it...I really do!

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