Saturday, February 07, 2009

A List.

What have we done this weekend?
1. Ate pizza.
2. Read a magazine.
3. Slept late.
4. Cooked breakfast.
5. Got discount groceries (Albertsons is going out of business.)
6. Went to the driving range.
7. Helped serve food for the mystery dinner @ church.

Speaking of mystery dinner - very interesting.
The purpose is to raise money for the mission trip to Zambia. People are given a menu of sorts that says things like southern sip and green eyes. People choose what they want (when they really don't know what it is). People in the back (us) fill their order - like a salad, butter, and salt. Random. Then they get their second course - spaghetti, green beans and garlic bread. Third course - same as the first - whatever they choose - pepper, a knife and a spoon. Crazy.

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