Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The one where the Phillies beat the Giants.

Day 2 The Giant's Game.

From this point forward we decided to use public transportation as much as we could so we took the bus to Giant's stadium. We got there in time for batting practice. Here are a couple of Phillie's.

K's always wanted to catch a baseball from batting practice. One came right at him!! But this 7ft tall guy with a baseball glove came in and got it. This is K looking in that guy's general direction. We decided next time he should bring his own glove and show that guy who's boss.

The Giant's stadium is right on the water. So far they have had 49 splash runs where someone has hit it into the bay. Fog and mist rolled in and by the 8th inning seagulls were hanging out with the outfielders. We had great seats!

It was also pretty chilly. I was regretting not wearing more layers and bringing a blanket. They had Ghirardellli Hot Chocolate Guys that come around selling hot chocolate. It was delicious and just about the only thing that kept us warm. Yum.

The Phillie's ended up winning and we ended up walking back to our hotel. We missed our bus and that was OK because we couldn't feel our legs at this point. It was cold and we had just had the must fun at the baseball game.

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