Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The one where our legs fall off.

Day 2.

We walked around the corner and got some breakfast. Yum.

We walked down the street to China Town. It was busy, congested, and pretty much Chinese.

We went inside a Cathedral on our way to Coit Tower.

In San Francisco they have very steep hills, and in this case they turned their sidewalks into stairs. It was at this point our legs began to fall off.

K and his bottle of Lipton Green Tea.

Legs burning we finally made it to Coit Tower.

We looked down and saw the city in all of it's glory.

Looked the other way and saw the water and decided we wanted to go down there next.

Said goodbye to Cowboy Bob.

We were so glad we were going downhill that I decided to stop and smell the roses.

We ate some delicious shrimp.

We took some pictures by the water.

We saw this really neat school everywhere.

Walked back to our hotel to recuperate for the Giant's vs. Phillie's game.

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Calis said...

Hope you guys have the best time ever in San Fran! It's one of our favorite places! We spent our honeymoon there and I went back with Rogelyn over Spring Break this year. We would love to live there eventually. Anyway, hope you have a great visit and you guys should check out the Cliff House Restaurant. It's near the Sutro Baths and right on the Pacific Ocean. It's beautiful and the food is great!