Monday, August 03, 2009

The one where we take a trip.

Day 1.

Landed safely in San Francisco. I took this picture on our way back from not finding Stanford...more on that later.

Got a rental car thanks to John, K's brother.

Drove across the Golden Gate bridge.

Got lunch at Subway on our way to Muir Woods.

About had a heart attack driving up the mountain to get to Muir Woods. Keith's an awesome driver.

We got to see the most beautiful trees! We thought everything was bigger in Texas...boy were we wrong. Wish we had these in Texas. Wouldn't it be great if they sold redwood tree saplings? We could plant one in our backyard! Look out Maple here comes big Red.

It's a matter of luck that I got this picture. Sonoma County was beautiful, too.

We drove over a doubledecker bridge to get to UC Berkeley...a cool college town like Austin.

We drove down south to find Stanford University...we never found it so we took our rental car back to the airport. We took the train into downtown SF and found our hotel. Our hotel room was like a NY studio. The building was built in the 1920's. We figured the windows were original because we could hear the guy going into the club 6 floors down at 2a.m. More on that later...

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