Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The one about rearranging.

When I think about going to grocery store I think Tom Thumb or Sprouts
          Now it's Publix.
When I think about home it's 240 Brookaven
          Now it's Tacoma Street.
When I think about Mexcian Food it's Matt's in Cedar Hill
          Now it's Mexican Connection
When I think about Coffee on Saturday it's the Brass Bean in GP
          Now it's ....
When I think of A's Daycare its FBGP
          Now it's Mother's Morning Out.
When I think about going to the library I think about the big one downtown
          Now it's the old one with a kids area.
When I think about teaching art I think about Winnetka
          Now they are memories and part of me wishes I could still teach.
When I think about church I think about Fielder
          Now it's Calvary - which is different without Bro. Van
When I think about eating pizza it's Domino's or Pizziaolo's
          Now it's Pizza Hut
When I think about exercise it's "man, I wish I felt like exercising. but I'm too tired"
          Now it's Zumba with Christina and walking the trails

1 comment:

Lucy said...

Leaving the public library was one of the hardest parts about moving away. And forget Mexcian Connection, it's Labamba's all the way, though I do miss Rosa's.