Monday, April 23, 2012

A's spring break

Monday: play in my pj's until 10, run errands with Mama, see Lecee, take a nap, eat a snack, get a cherry limeade with Mama, go see L&G, eat dinner because Dad's home, get ready for bed!

Tuesday: eat breakfast, watch Super Why Guy, play in my room, go with Mama to pay bills, play Ball at the ROC, go with Lecee to Walmart, eat & nap, swim at the indoor pool, eat tacos with my parents, play outside with Dad, sit in my own chair and eat some of Mama's fro yo, find Elmo in BooksAMillion, bedtime!

Wednesday:  eat breakfast and watch Super Why Guy, get ready and go to Lecee's while Mama is zumbaing, nap and play more, go to post office, dinner and Bible study at church, play with Dad, bedtime!

Thursday:  eat breakfast, play, get hot glue gun from Lecee's house, hurry up and get felt from Hobby Lobby, nap while Mama makes an owl for Savy, eat a banana, run to walmart, get ready for Hairspray, go to Lecee's for the night!

Friday! get ready and go to the beach!  My cousin's Savannah has her birthday party tomorrow! Happy 3rd Birthday Savannah!!

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