Friday, April 13, 2012


Last night A spent the night with his L & G.

K and I went to FireHouse Pizza, the library and got frozen yogurt that we didn't have to share with a little one. Ha.  We walked out of the library last night and K said, "I think this book may change my life."  A book about German Philosophy.  Ha.

K got up this morning and I made coffee for him.  He headed off to play his favorite game and I picked up Mr. A.  He woke up early and ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel with L & G.

We got home and he is taking an early nap.  He's always worn out when he goes to L & G's house.

Laundry is done, Dishes are clean but need to be put up, Towels are ready to be folded.

Packages to K's parents, grandparents, and Winnetka are ready to be mailed.

Tomorrow we plan on going to the museum's family day and the BBQ Festival.  For K's sake I hope someone has really good brisket and sausage.  This TX boy is in dire need of brisket.  Thank the Lord for fun things to do here.  They are few and far between.

Speaking of things to do: A has Spring Break next week so I will be on the lookout for new, fun things to do with him.

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